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colocolo travel lint remover refills

COLOCOLO Travel Refill

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Refills for the long-lasting Colocolo travel lint remover.

This high-quality, long-lasting travel lint roller fits in your purse or in a small bag. A sticky roller that is convenient when traveling and removing unwanted dog hair, fluff, dust or lint.

The strong but safe adhesive means that this lint remover can be used to clean any material and last longer than other sticky rollers.

This product is great for allergy sufferers of all kinds, so if you have allergies cat or dog hair or even hay fever, Colocolo Travel is the answer.

Compact to fit in your pocket or bag.

  • Easy to use
  • Removes lint, dust and pet hair from clothing
Rolls per pack 2
Sheets per roll 25


Product ID: I04660

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