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Welcome to Nitto Australia's online store
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Armbands for Causes



What is Armbands for Causes?

For decades, our customers all over Australia have used our electrical tape as armbands to commemorate loved ones and to raise awareness of causes during sports matches.

We are honoured that our customers choose Nitto tape for this purpose and to give back to the local communities that use our tape in this way, we are offering a special discount code to sports clubs with up to 40% off our General Purpose tape. 

Your Discount

Our General Purpose Electrical tape can be purchased in the quantities below with the  discounts stated:

Sleeve (10 rolls) = 25% off

  • Standard Price: $19

  • You Pay: $14.25

  • You Save: $4.75

Box (160 rolls) = 40% off

  • Standard Price - $304

  • You Pay: $182.40 + shipping

  • You Save: $121.60 

How Do I Take Part?

Complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch. Simple!   

Criteria & Validation

Please note that this offer is only for sports clubs for use in honorary events or to raise awareness of causes using our electrical tape.
  1. You must be responsible for purchasing or able to purchase on behalf of your sports club
  2. You will be asked to provide your club's full address and contact details 
  3. You will be asked to provide your club's incorporation number
  4. You will be asked to validate your position within your club by providing photo ID
  5. Please note only 1 person per club can use the discount code 
  6. Nitto will contact your club secretary for verification