About Us

Nitto started in 1918, yes 100 years ago and we’ve been innovating ever since.


Our product

Nitto is a global Group company specialising in the development in of adhesive tape technologies primarily focusing on industrial and electronic markets. 


However, we have been successful in developing unique consumable products within the Japanese markets. We are now finding increasing interest in Australia and New Zealand for these types of high quality Japanese stationery and consumable prooducts.

A Different Side of Nitto

Our primary focus is on promoting our famous Japanese Stationery brand 'Stalogy' with a goal to increase accessibility of our products to end users like yourself! 


We are not stopping there, we will also be bringing you the consumable side of the business by revamping our Japanese home roller collection.  


From the beginning Nitto has been creating products that amaze and inspire customers, it’s what we do.


Whether its products for our business partners or consumer goods our products are unique to the market and to be frank, pretty cool.


You can find a Nitto product in every corner of your life. Although our site focuses on 'a different side of Nitto', we have far more to offer. Visit our corporate site for more information: